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20g HeraCeram® Margin HM

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HM1: NDS527-1 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003484
HM2: NDS527-2 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003486
HM3: NDS527-3 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003488
HM5: NDS527-4 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003490
HM7: NDS527-5 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003496

HeraCeram® Application Guide

Kulzer's HeraCeram® is a high-fusing porcelain-veneer used for conventional bonding to ceramic metals for alloys in a CTE range of 13.5 to 14.9 x 10⁻⁶K⁻¹ (25-500 °C) with a stabilised leucite structure.

The HeraCeram® Special technique builds up metal-free crown margins using shoulder ceramics, inclusive of 7 HM and LM margins.

The Margin HM is a high-fusing margin ceramic used classically and fired at a temperature of 870°C. HM1–6 are coordinated with the respective shades as shown in a shade chart, whereas HM7 is also referred to as bleach. It is a whitish opaque shoulder ceramic with increased fluorescence and is used for masking dark areas (discoloured tooth structure) and modifying the brightness and transparency of HM material. The shoulder materials are mixed with SM Liquid to produce a kneadable dough before being applied.