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HeraCeram® Opal Transparent

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20g OT1: NDS523-1 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003468
20g OT2: NDS523-2 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003470
20g OT5: NDS523-3 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003472
20g OT10: NDS523-4 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003474
20g OT ICE: NDS523-5 | Manufacturer Ref: 66004097
20g OT A AMBER: NDS523-6 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003478
20g OT Y YELLOW: NDS523-7 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003476
100g OT1: NDS523-8 | Manufacturer Ref: 66003469

HeraCeram® Application Guide

Kulzer's HeraCeram® is a high-fusing porcelain-veneer used for conventional bonding to ceramic metals for alloys in a CTE range of 13.5 to 14.9 x 10⁻⁶K⁻¹ (25-500 °C) with a stabilised leucite structure.

The HeraCeram® Matrix Set ensures custom layering of concentrates to reproduce patient-specific shades and shade characteristics with their light optical elements such as brightness, transparency, fluorescence and opalescence.

The Opal Transparent Ice is laid over the mamelons and the desired anatomical contours are then built up with the various shades of Opal Transparent materials. After firing, the sintering shrinkage is compensated for and fine corrections of form and layering are carried out with Opal transparent materials. Transparent ceramics are used to customise build up techniques, which reflect the spectrum of natural enamel.