National Dental Supplies Ltd

NDS349 | Manufacturer Ref: DS-430

Denstar's 430 Multi Wax Pot is an ergonomically designed tool that ensures dental technicians are able to melt solid wax into a liquid state in a convenient working environment.

The pot is exclusive for dentures and the function is controlled as the user is able to set the temperature deviation range in the three chambers, without interference on the wax properties. The memory chip is built-in, so even if the power is turned off and on, the previous working state and setting values ​​are memorised. The product ensures the temperature set is correct due to the digital circuit being equipped with CPU and the settings can be changed to either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Input Power Source: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz

Amp: 200W

Fuse: 5A

Temperature: 50°C to 120°C

Dimensions: 200(W) x 146(D) x 70(H)mm