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(6) Ash PC Round Steel Burs (RA)

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Dentsply's Ash Steel Round Burs are made from high quality vanadium steel and have a round shape, right angle (RA) profile. The Burs have varying numbers of teeth/blades and they are indicated for removal of dental materials or tooth bone cutting during dental surgery.

To be used in conjunction with a contra-angle handpiece in order to grind away, shape or give pattern to a surface (usually metal).

Shank Width: 1.0mm-3.0mm (Tapered)

Shank Length: 18.0mm

No.1 (1/008): Working part diameter: 0.8mm, Working part length: 0.8mm

No.5 (1/016): Working part diameter: 1.6mm, Working part length: 1.6mm

No.7 (1/021): Working part diameter: 2.1mm, Working part length: 2.1mm

No.10 (1/027): Working part diameter: 2.7mm, Working part length: 2.7mm