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(6) Steel FFXC Burs

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36/006 - NDS033-1 | Manufacturer Ref: 011449
36/008 - NDS033-2 | Manufacturer Ref: 011457
36/010 - NDS033-3 | Manufacturer Ref: 011465
36/018 - NDS033-4 | Manufacturer Ref: 011481
36/023 - NDS033-5 | Manufacturer Ref: 011489
36/027 - NDS033-6 | Manufacturer Ref: 011497
36/031 - NDS033-7 | Manufacturer Ref: 011505

Busch's FFXC Burs are made from high quality vanadium steel and have a cylinder shaped fissure profile with a cross-cut pattern. The Burs ensure a more aggressive cut and are used for removing large quantities of material.

To be used in conjunction with a micromotor in order to grind away, shape or give pattern to a surface.

Width: 2.0mm

Length: 44.0mm

36/006: Working part diameter: 0.6mm, Working part length: 3.0mm

36/008: Working part diameter: 0.8mm, Working part length: 3.6mm

36/010: Working part diameter: 1.0mm, Working part length: 4.2mm

36/018: Working part diameter: 1.8mm, Working part length: 5.4mm

36/023: Working part diameter: 2.3mm, Working part length: 6.0mm

36/027: Working part diameter: 2.7mm, Working part length: 6.6mm

36/031: Working part diameter: 3.1mm, Working part length: 7.2mm