National Dental Supplies Ltd


NDS' Alpha Cyanoacrylate Bundle contains a 20g AlphaBond Glue, 200ml AlphaReact Activator and 20ml AlphaLift De-Bonder.

The AlphaBond is a medium-viscosity modified ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive, suitable for the fast-cure bonding of a wide range of materials including; plastics, wood, paper, leather, metals and other common substrates.

The AlphaReact is a solvent-based substance which is formulated to increase the cure speed of the AlphaBond glue. The material is designed to bond upvc plastics that are susceptible to yellowing.

The AlphaLift is a solvent-based liquid formulated to remove the AlphaBond glue. The product is used to clean areas of uncured adhesive, to remove small areas of cured materials and over time will soften thick portions of the cured material. It is also suitable for debonding skin but should not be used on the eyelids or lips.