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Ash HiDi Diamond Burs

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No.535: NDS444-1 | Manufacturer Ref: 60703535X
No.542: NDS444-2 | Manufacturer Ref: 60703542X
No.544: NDS444-3 | Manufacturer Ref: 60703544X
No.551: NDS444-4 | Manufacturer Ref: 60703551X
No.552: NDS444-5 | Manufacturer Ref: 60703552X
No.556: NDS444-6 | Manufacturer Ref: 60703556X
No.561: NDS444-7 | Manufacturer Ref: 60703561X
No.567: NDS444-8 | Manufacturer Ref: 60703567X
No.638: NDS444-9 | Manufacturer Ref: 60703638X

Ash Hi-Di Burs are made from natural diamonds, offering superior, coarser cutting and faster cutting time over synthetic diamonds.

Perfectly balanced to reduce vibration and prolong handpiece life.