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Der Bero Trend "V" Teeth - Excess Consignment

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Der Bero Trend "V" Mould Chart

Excess Teeth List

Excess consignment - sold complete only (see shades and moulds included above). Totals 655 anterior moulds and 438 posterior moulds. Price per tooth card - £11.75 + VAT.

Formenkarte's Der Bero Trends are exceptional, hand refined private teeth which are almost 100% allergy free. There is almost no measurable residual monomer present when the dentine and incisal are produced as this is done in three stages and treated for 24 hours. The quality is reflected in the production as well as the individual hand painting of each tooth.

Range of 16 A-D shades and 1 Bleach shade. Available in 19 upper incisor shapes, 9 lower incisor shapes and 10 molar shapes.

Normal processing procedures guarantees optimal adhesion to denture base polymers.