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630g Lucitone 199 Denture Base Resin

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NDS013 | Manufacturer Ref: D688106

Dentsply's Lucitone 199 Denture Base Resin is a ultra-high resistant, thermo-polymer material which is available in an original shade. 630g/30-unit pack.  

The material is an industry favourite due to the exceptional balanced translucency, vein simulation, tissue colouration and flexural strength it provides. Lucitone 199 is impression-packed or injected and adapts to laboratory processes.

The product is to be used in conjunction with the Lucitone Heat Cure Liquid. Cadmium-free.

Mixing Ratio: 2.1g polymer: 1.0ml monomer

Mixing Time: 15 - 30 seconds

Doughing Time: 9 minutes

Working Time: 10 minutes

Curing Time: 1.5 - 2 hours