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NDS107 | Manufacturer Ref: SQ148L

The new SQ148L Model Trimmer from Sirio Dental is built entirely of reinforced plastic which makes them very resistant to water, corrosion and shocks caused during the working operation. The new, very powerful motor with high torque combined with an attractive design make them ideal for every working environment.

This is a water-based trimmer and it is fitted with a bakelite disc. It must be connected to the water supply net by means of a pipe which is supplied along with the machine. The trimmer is equipped with a solenoid valve which opens the water supply only when the engine is running.

*We offer an upgrade from the standard abrasive wheel to the Tornado Diamond Wheel for an additional £180 including fitting. Please get in touch before placing your order.

Dimensions: 34(L) x 43(P) x 35(H)cm

Power supply: 230V - 50/60HZ

Output: 1000W

Rotative speed: 2.800rpm

Connection: Water

Disk: DA147